Spring 2024 Courses


Spring 2024 Course List


(*) Cross-Listed Core for Undergraduate Majors and Minors


Women’s Studies

* WST3251-01 Women in Western Culture Alexandra Challenger
TR 9:45-11p WMS 209 Seats: 40

* WST4930-01 Special Topic: Feminist Theories Leslie Richardson
TR 11:35-12:50p WMS 320 Seats: 35

* WST4930-02 Special Topic: LGBTQ Studies AJ Ramirez
ONLINE Seats: 40



ANT3300-01 Masculinity in Global Perspective Thomas, Geoffrey
MWF 9:20-10:10a HWC 2401 Seats: 60

* ANT3302-01 Sex & Culture Choteea Chakrabarti
MWF 9:20-10:10p HWC 3100 Seats: 104


Criminal Justice

CCJ3678-05 Policing Diversity Hoover, Lucy
ONLINE Seats: 100

CCJ 4663-01 Women, Crime and Justice TBA
MWF 1:20-2:10p HCB 205 Seats: 14

CCJ 4663-02 Women, Crime and Justice TBA
MWF 4:50-6:05p BEL 116 Seats: 14

CCJ4684-01 Family Violence Erin Castro
MWF 9:20-10:10am BEL 116 Seats: 14



AML3630-01 Latino/a Literature John Ribo
TR 9:45-11:00a WMS 121 Seats: 19

* LIT3383-01 Women in Literature Wilson, L. Lamar
TR 9:45-11:00a WMS 110 Seat: 19

* LIT3383-02 Women in Literature Hamilton, Liesel
MWF 3:05-4:20p WMS 121B Seat: 19

* LIT3383-03 Women in Literature TBA
MWF 10:40-11:30a WMS 120 Seat: 19

* LIT3383-04 Women in Literature Tombasco, Natalie
MWF 9:45-11:00a WMS 121B Seat: 19

* LIT3383-05 Women in Literature Trent, Savannah
MWF 1:20-2:10p WMS 120 Seat: 19

* LIT4385-01 Major Women Writers TBA

LIT4534-01 Early Feminisms Celia Caputi
TR 11:31-12:50p WMS 002 Seats: 19


Family and Child Sciences

CHD4537-01 Parenting TBA
TR 9:45-11:00am SAN 101 Seats: 45

CHD4537-02 Parenting TBA
ONLINE Seats: 60

FAD2230-01 Family Relationship TBA
MWF 9:20-10:10am SAN 115 Seats: 60

FAD2230-02 Family Relationship Nari Jeter
ONLINE Seats: 250

FAD2230-03 Family Relationship TBA
TR 9:45-11:00p SAN 108 Seats: 60

FAD2230-04 Family Relationship TBA
MW 3:05-4:20pm SAN 209 Seats: 60

FAD2230-05 Family Relationship TBA
TR 3:05-4:20pm SAN 209 Seats: 60

FAD4265-01 Family Diversity TBA
ONLINE Seats: 90

FAD4265-02 Family Diversity TBA
TR 3:05-4:20p SAN 101 Seats: 48



* GEO4412-01 Environment and Gender Rachael Cofield
ONLINE Seats: 75


HIS3205-01 LGBTQ History Charles Upchurch
TR 9:20-10:10a BEL 033 Seats: 39



HUM3321-01 Multicultural Film Stephen Oleszek
TR 8:00-9:15a WMS 214 Seats: 40

HUM3321-02 Multicultural Film Stephen Oleszek
MWF 10:10-11:30a WMS 214 Seats: 40

HUM3321-03 Multicultural Film John Cole
MWF 9:20-10:10a WMS 214 Seats: 35

HUM3321-04 Multicultural Film John Cole
MWF 10:40-11:30a WMS 214 Seats: 35

HUM3321-05 Multicultural Film John Cole
MWF 12:00-12:50p WMS 214 Seats: 35

HUM3321-05 Multicultural Film Rebecca Peters
TR 3:05-4:20p WMS 214 Seats: 40

HUM3321-10 Multicultural Film Luke Arrendondo
ONLINE Seats: 50

HUM3321-11 Multicultural Film Amanda Conway
ONLINE Seats: 50


Modern Languages & Linguistics

IDS3450-01 Through an Arabic Lens Valentine, Jessica
ONLINE Seats:60

IDS3450-02 Through an Arabic Lens Valentine, Jessica

SPW4491-01 Spanish-American Woman Writers Delia Poey
M 6:35-9:05p DIF 216 Seats: 10
-*instructor permission required*-



NSP3425-01 Women’s Health Issues TBA
M 3:05-5:40p TBA Seats: 45


Public Administration

PAD4433-01 Women Disasters and Conflict Carolyn Washington
ONLINE Seats: 60



* PHM3123-01 Philosophy of Feminism TBA
TR 11:35-12:50p KRB 105 Seats: 50

PHM3351-01 Philosophy of Human Rights Simon May
MWF 3:05-4:20p TBA Seats: 50



* REL3145-01 Gender and Religion Thomas Woodard
TR 12:00-12:50p TBA Seats: 72

REL3152-01 Religion Race and Ethnicity TBA
MWF 10:40-11:30a TBA Seats: 70

REL3152-02 Religion Race and Ethnicity Paul Anthony
ONLINE Seats: 85

REL4491-02 Seminar: Feminist Ethics Rosemary Kellison
R 1:20-4:05p TBA Seats: 10


Social Work

* SOW4108-01 Women’s Issues & Social Work Jane Dwyer Lee
R 1:20-4:05p UCC C1702 Seats: 15

* SOW4615-01 Family Violence Machelle Madsen Thompson
R 5:30-8:15p UCC C1703 Seats: 15

SOW4620-01 Diversity and Social Justice TBA
MW 11:35-12:50p UCC C1702 Seat: 19

SOW4620-02 Diversity and Social Justice TBA
TR 11:35-12:50p UCC C1701 Seat: 19



SYD3774-01 Culture and Society Shantel Buggs
TR 1:20-2:35p HCB 214 Seats: 65

* SYD3800-01 Sociology of Sex & Gender TBA
ONLINE Seat: 120

* SYD3800-02 Sociology of Sex & Gender TBA
TR 1:20-2:35p BEL 0023 Seat: 65

SYD3806-01 Sociology of Sexuality Patricia Homan
TR 3:05-4:20p HCB 214 Seats: 65

SYG2430-01 Marriage & Family Teresa Roach
ONLINE Seats: 100

SYG2430-04 Marriage & Family Teresa Roach
TR 9:45-11:00a BEL 180 Seats: 120



SPM4013-01 Cross-Cultural Sport Katie Flanagan
ONLINE Seats: 80



THE4423-01 Women in Theatre Sarah Fahmy
TR 1:20-2:35p TBA Seats: 10

THE4433-01 Gender, Race and Performance Aaron Thomas
TR 12:00-1:15p TBA Seats: 10


Urban Planning

URP4811-01 Multicultural Urbanism Lisa Turner De Vera
TR 4:50-6:05p BEL 111 Seats: 14