Fall 2017 Courses


Course Listing for Fall 2017




(*) Cross-Listed Core for Undergraduate Majors and Minors


Women’s Studies

            WST3015-0001        Introduction to Women’s Studies                           Brackins, Genevieve

            TR                   2:00-3:15pm                         MON 0004                             Seats: 40


WST4930-0001        Sex/Gender Theory and Trans Exp                                    Seeber, Andrew

            T                      5:30-8:15pm                         WMS 0209                             Seats: 35



            ANT2301-0001         Evolution of Human Sexuality                                 Thomas, Geoffrey

            TR                   9:30-10:45am                       DHA 0103                              Seats: 99


ANT3451-0001         Race: Biology and Culture                                        Kowal, Amy   

MWF               10:10-11:00am                     WMS 0123                             Seats: 100


*          SPC4711-0001         Gender and Communication                                                Nudd, Donna

            TR                   12:30-1:145pm                    UCD D2105                           Seats: 35


Criminal Justice

            CCJ4938-0001          Spc Topic: Social Reality of Black Males                  Close, Billy

            TR                   8:00-9:15am                         BEL 0116                               Seats: 37

            ++ only this topic


            CCJ4938-0002          Spc Topic: Social Reality of Black Males                  Close, Billy

            TR                   9:30-10:45am                       BEL 0116                               Seats: 37

            ++only this topic


Family and Child Sciences

            CHD4537-0001        Parenting                                                                   TBA

            TR                   2:00-3:15pm                         SAN 0101                               Seats: 60


CHD4537-0002        Parenting                                                                   TBA

            TR                   ONLINE                                                                                  Seats: 40


            FAD2230-0001         Family Relationship: Life Span Development        TBA

            MWF               9:05-9:55am                                     BEL 0180                   Seats: 121


            FAD2230-0004         Family Relationship: Life Span Development        Jeter, Nari

            TR                   ONLINE                                                                                  Seats: 180


            FAD2230-0007         Family Relationship: Life Span Development        TBA

            TR                   ONLINE                                                                                  Seats: 110




            AML3630-0001        Latino/a Literature in English                                 Ribo, John

            TR                   12:30-1:45am                                   WMS 0201                 Seats: 39


            AML3630-0001        Latino/a Literature in English                                 Ribo, John

            TR                   11:00-12:15am                                 WMS 0201                 Seats: 39


*          LIT3383-0001          Women in Literature                                                            Gillhespy, Jamie

            MWF               10:10-11:00am         WMS 0002                                         Seats: 32


*          LIT3383-0002          Women in Literature                                                            Gillhespy, Jamie

            MWF               8:00-8:50am             WMS 0002                                         Seats: 32


*          LIT3383-0003          Women in Literature                                                            Wagoner, Michael

            TR                   8:30-9:15am             WMS 0002                                         Seats: 32


*          LIT3383-0004          Women in Literature                                                            Jensen, Christopher

            MW                 5:15-6:30pm             WMS 0110                                         Seats: 39


*          LIT3383-0005          Women in Literature                                                            Lakey, FNU

            MW                 3:35-4:50pm             WMS 0120                                         Seats: 39


*          LIT3383-0006          Women in Literature                                                            Lakey, FNU

            TR                   12:30-1:45pm           BEL 0008                                           Seats: 30


*          LIT4385-0002          Major Women Writer                                               Caputi, Celia

            TR                   2:00-3:15pm             WMS 0114                                         Seats: 30




            ASH3930-0002         Std Asian Hist: Gender in the Middle East             Hosainy. Mohammed

            TR                   2:00-3:15pm             BEL 0030                                           Seats: 49

            ++only this topic



            HUM3321-0001       Multicultural Film                                                     TBA

            MWF               9:05-9:55am                         WMS 0214                             Seats: 48


HUM3321-0002       Multicultural Film                                                     TBA

            MWF               10:10-11:00am                     WMS 0214                             Seats: 48


HUM3321-0003       Multicultural Film                                                     TBA

            MWF               11:15-12:05pm                    WMS 0214                             Seats: 48


HUM3321-0005       Multicultural Film                                                     TBA

            MWF               12:20-1:10pm                       WMS 0214                             Seats: 48


HUM3321-0009       Multicultural Film                                                     TBA

            ONLINE                                                                                                          Seats: 60



            GEO4412-0001         Environment and Gender                                        Brackins, Genevieve

            ONLINE                                                                                                          Seats: 30


Modern Languages

*          FRT3561-0001         French Women Writers                                            Osborn. Virginia

            TR                   9:30-10:45am                       DIF 0129                                Seats: 35



            IFS2079-0001           Fantasy Girls                                                              Mahaffey, Tracie

            TR                   11:00-12:15pm                    DHA 0103                              Seats: 120


            PHM2121-0001        Philosophy of Race, Class and Gender                    Morales, Maria

            MWF               1:15-2:15pm                         BEL 0004                               Seats: 60


            PHM3351-0001        Philosophy of Human Rights                                   Morales, Maria

            TR                   2:00-3:13pm                         KRB 0110                              Seats: 48



*          REL3145-0001         Gender and Religion                                                 Cosgrove, Lauren

            TR                   2:00-3:15pm                         BEL 0004                               Seats: 50


*          REL3145-0002         Gender and Religion                                                 Baldrick-Morrone, Tara

            TR                   12:00-1:45pm                       BEL 0004                               Seats: 50


            REL3293-0001         Women in Graeco-Roman World                             TBA

            TR                   9:30-10:45am                       DOD 0118                              Seats: 25


Social Work

            SOW4615-0001        Family Violence Across the Life Span                      TBA

            MW                 3:30-4:45p                UCC C1702                                        Seats: 15



            SYG2430-0001         Sociology of Marriage and Family                           TBA

            ONLINE                                                                                                          Seats: 100


            SYO3100-0001         Families and Social Change                                      TBA

            ONLINE                                                                                                          Seats: 100


SYO3100-0004         Families and Social Change                                      TBA

            TR                   11:00-12:15pm                    BEL 0180                               Seats: 100


SYO3100-0005         Families and Social Change                                      Saras, Emily

            MW                 5:15-6:30pm                         BEL 0023                               Seats: 65


Sports Management

            SPM4013-0001        Cross-Cultural Sport                                                 Flanagan, Mary

ONLINE                                                                                                          Seats: 125




Course Listing for Fall 2017




Women’s Studies

            WST5934-0002        Sex/Gender Theory & Trans Experience               Seeber, Matthew

            T                      5:00-8:30p                            WMS 0209                             Seats: 5                      



            EDF5706-0001         Gender and Ed in Comparative Perspective          Khurshid, Ayesha

            M                     3:35-6:20pm                         STB 3303                               Seats: 25


Social Work

            SOW5614-0001        Family Violence Across the Life Span                      TBA

MW                 3:30-4:45pm             UCC C1702                                        Seats: 15



            SYO5535-0001         Inequalities: Race, Class, Gender                             Sanyal, Paromita

            W                    12:00-3:00pm                       BEL 0519                               Seats: 20



            THE5437-0001         Gender, Race and Performance                               McKelvey, Patrick

            TR                   9:30-10:45am                       FAB 0205                               Seats: 6