Undergraduate Major Requirements

The programs in Women’s Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies examine the accomplishments and perspectives of women in history, culture, and contemporary society. The programs establish gender and sexuality as fundamental categories of social and cultural analysis. Drawing on disciplines across the university, the programs offer interdisciplinary perspectives from which to study the diversity of human experience.The courses foster critical analysis of the social meaning of gender and gender expression and examine sexual identities, discourses, and institutions as they intersect with class, race, ethnicity, nationality, and transnational movements, drawing on the full range of approaches adopted within feminist and Queer scholarship.

Admission Requirements

Please review all college-wide degree requirements in the “College of Arts and Sciences” chapter of the General Bulletin.

Any student with a 2.0 grade average who meets the admission requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences is eligible to declare a major in Women’s Studies. Students who wish to declare a major in Women’s Studies must apply for admission with the Women’s Studies office and complete an advising form.

Computer Skills Competency

All undergraduates at Florida State University must demonstrate basic computer skills competency prior to graduation. As necessary computer competency skills vary from discipline to discipline, each major determines the courses needed to satisfy this requirement. Undergraduate majors in Women’s Studies satisfy this requirement by earning a grade of “C–” or higher in CGS 2060 or CGS 2100.

Requirements for a Major in Women’s Studies

Students are required to take thirty-three semester hours of Women’s Studies courses and approved cross-listed courses distributed as described below. Only one of these courses that is used to satisfy the requirement for liberal studies may also be counted toward the fulfillment of the major. Honors thesis hours may be applied toward the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, but only three semester hours will be accepted for major credit. All courses counted toward the major must carry the grade of “C–” or better. Majors must maintain a 2.0 grade point average for graduation. Women’s Studies majors are required to complete a minor and are strongly encouraged to complete a minor in a single discipline. No course used to satisfy requirements for a minor may be counted for the major.

Double Majors

Students pursuing a double major must meet the program requirements of both majors, with the following exceptions: (1) no more than six semester hours may be counted toward both majors; and (2) no minors are required for the double major.

WST Requirement

Twelve semester hours in WST interdisciplinary courses:

WST 3015 Introduction to Women’s Studies (3)
WST 3251 Women in Western Culture: Images and Realities (3)
WST 4613 Contemporary Gendercide (3)
WST 4931 Seminar in Women’s Studies (3) or WST 4930r Topics in Women’s Studies (3)
Either WST 4940r Women’s Studies Internship (3–6) or WST 4930r Topics in Women’s Studies (3) as approved by the program director.

Check with the Women’s Studies office each term for a list of possible courses that can be used to fulfill these credits.

Note: WST 4930r may be repeated to a maximum of nine semester hours and WST 4931 is a non-repeatable course.

Cross-Listed Core Courses

At least twelve semester hours of cross-listed courses listed below are required. Specifically required are three semester hours from each of the four groups below:

Group A

AMH 4561 Women in 19th-Century America (3)
AMH 4562 Women in Modern America (3)
AMH 4684 Women and Children in the Civil Rights Movement (3)
CLA 3501 Gender and Society in Ancient Greece (3)
CLA 3502 Women, Children and Slaves in Ancient Rome: The Roman Family (3)
HIS 3205 LGBTQ history (3)
REL 3145 Gender and Religion (3)
REL 3337 Goddesses, Women and Power in Hinduism (3)

Group B

ANT 4302 Sex Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective (3)
LIT 4554 Feminist Theory (3)
PHM 3123 Philosophy of Feminism (3)
SOP 3742 Psychology of Women (3)
SYD 3800 Sociology of Sex and Gender (3)
SYO 4374 Gender, Work, and Family (3)

Group C

FOW 3240 Literature and Sexuality (3)
FRT 3561 French Women Writers (3)
LIT 3383 Women in Literature (3)
LIT 4385 Major Women Writers (3)
SPW 4481 Contemporary Spanish Women Writers (3) (In Spanish)
SPW 4491 Spanish American Women Writers (3) (In Spanish)
THE 4433 Gender, Race, and Performance (3)

Group D

CCJ 4663 Women, Crime, and Justice (3)
GEO 4412 Environment and Gender (3)
NSP 3425 Women’s Health Issues: Concerns Through the Life Cycle (3)
SOW 4108 Women’s Issues and Social Work (3)
SOW 4615 Family Violence Across the Life Span (3)
SOW 4627 Mental Health of Diverse Populations (3)
SPC 4711 Gender and Communication (3)


Nine semester hours may be selected from among the following options: (a) WST 4904r Directed Individual Study in Women’s Studies, WST 4930r Topics in Women’s Studies, WST 4940r Women’s Studies Internship; (b) the cross-listed courses in Groups A-D; (c) approved related courses, special topics courses, seminars, and workshops. Three semester hours of the major elective requirement may be satisfied with a 2000-level course, including, but not necessarily limited to AMH 2096 Black Women in America and PHM 2121 Philosophy of Race, Class, and Gender; however, the course must be taken at Florida State University, and only one of the listed classes may be counted toward credit in the program in Women’s Studies. Majors should consult with the Women’s Studies advisor each term for a list of approved courses that can be used to fulfill elective credits.

Exit Surveys/Interviews

To be eligible for graduation, students majoring in Women’s Studies must complete an exit interview or survey.

Honors in the Major

The Women’s Studies Program offers a program in honors in the major to encourage talented students to undertake independent and original research. Students admitted to honors in the major may apply up to six semester hours of honors thesis hours (WST 4970r, Honors Thesis—Women’s Studies) toward the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, but only three semester hours of WST 4970r will be accepted for major credit. For requirements and other information, see the “University Honors Office and Honor Societies” chapter of the General Bulletin.

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