Undergraduate Course Descriptions


AMH 4561. Women in 19th-Century America (3). This course examines the experiences of women in 19th century America , focusing upon the ways gender, race, ethnicity, class, religion and region interacted to shape women's lives. Examines women's family, work, social, and political roles. Also examines women's contributions and quest for equality

AMH 4562. Women in Modern America (3). This course examines the experiences and contributions of women in 20th-century America , with particular attention to the forces that served to differentiate the opportunities and roles of women from those of their male peers.

CLA 3501.Gender and Society in Ancient Greece (3). This course examines the role and status of women in ancient Greek society, as depicted in its literature, art, law and religion

CLA 3502. Women, Children and Slaves in Ancient Rome: The Roman Family (3). This course examines the Roman family in its various facets. Its focus will not be only on the nuclear family but also on the broader concept of family which includes slaves and dependents.

REL 3145. Gender and Religion (3). A consideration of the roles of women and the symbolism of the feminine in the religious traditions of the world, as portrayed in their mythos, theology, literature, art, and iconography.

REL 3337.  Goddesses, Women, and Power in Hinduism (3).  Female Power in Hindu cosmology, mythology, and society. A study of Hindu goddesses, women, and female symbolism and the multi-faceted relationship among them. 


ANT 4302.  Sex Roles in Cross Cultural Perspective (3) Sex roles in anthropological perspective with emphasis on data from physical anthropology, archaeology, and ethnography. Special emphasis on the interpretation of sex roles by the anthropologists in the field.

LIT 4554.  Feminist Theory (3This course introduces students to the basic concepts and issues in feminist thought through reading some of the major feminist theorists.

PHM 3123 Philosophy of Feminism (3)  A comprehensive survey of the most important schools of thought and issues in feminist philosophy, with emphasis on feminist politics and ethics. Liberal, socialist, Marxist, and radical feminism and their differing views about equality and subjection are discussed. Criticisms of now traditional theories from women of color and of "difference" theorists are analyzed. Also considered are problems of particular concern to feminists: the family, sexuality, occupational freedom, harassment, rape, pornography, and domestic violence. Multicultural "y" course.

PUP 3323. Women and Politics (3). Prerequisite: POS 1041 or instructor permission. Course surveys the relations between gender and politics, governance and public policy. Looks at the impact of government policies on socialization and how this socialization influences political participation. Topics include vote choice, women as candidates and in elective office, women as appointees, and the differential impact of public policies on women and men. Focuses as well on the racial and ethnic differences among women with respect to participation, vote choice, recruitment, and behavior once in office.

SOP 3742. Psychology of Women (3). Prerequisite: PSY 2012. Systematic study of research and theory including psychological differences and similarities between sexes.

SYD 3800. Sociology of Sex and Gender (3). This course provides a look at the sociological facets of gender and its effect in society.

SYO 4180. Gender and Work (3). This course is an introduction to the cultural and structural mechanisms that reproduce gendered outcomes in the workplace. It addresses occupational segregation, the wage gap, sex differences in promotions, unpaid family work, explanations of inequality, strategies for change and resistance for change, and the intersections of gender, race, and class. 


FOW 3240.Literature and Sexuality (3). Course focuses upon novels that explore the social and personal implications of sexism. Satisfies multicultural requirement (y).

FRT 3561. French Women Writers (3). Prerequisite: ENC 1101, 1121, or equivalent. Course addresses issues of race, gender and class in a selection of works written by prominent French/Francophone writers. Taught in English.

LIT 3383. Women in Literature (3). An examination of the representation of women in literature.

LIT 4385. Major Women Writers (3). An examination of selected works by significant women writers. 
SPW 4481. Contemporary Spanish Women Writers (3).  Prerequisite: one 3000 level course. Course introduces the student to the works of 20th century Spanish women writers and the critical attention they receive.

SPW 4491.Spanish-American Women Writers (3). Prerequisite: two 3000 level Spanish courses. The study of Spanish-American women writers, varying from year to year, focusing on prose fiction, non-fiction and/or drama. Supplementary readings from critical and theoretical works.

THE 4433. Gender, Race, and Performance (3).  Advanced introduction to contemporary theories/practices of performance of race/gender on stage and in everyday life. Using feminist theories of performance read plays by women of color, white women, one African-American man.


CCJ 4663. Women, Crime & Justice (3). A flexible forum for the study and discussion of female crime and delinquency.

NSP 3425. Women's Health Issues: Concerns Through the Life Cycle (3). Prerequisites: APB 1150, 3111; PCB 2011; or permission of the instructor. Focus will be on issues related to women throughout the life cycle including sexuality, obesity, anorexia, cancer, etc. Emphasis is on prevention of illness and rights to health care access.

SOW 4615. Family Violence (3). This course provides an ecological perspective emphasizing the interconnections between individuals experiencing violence and their social environments.

SOW 4627. Women's Issues and Social Work (3). This course is designed to acquaint students with the focuses that affect women throughout life and the role that social work plays in addressing these issues.

SOW 4627. Mental Health of Diverse Populations (3). This course examines various factors that impact the mental health of minorities, women and other diverse populations. Special focus on mental health needs, accessibility and services will be addressed.

SPC 4711. Gender and Communication (3). This course is designed to help students gain knowledge of the theory and process of gender communication (about and between genders) from an interpersonal context perspective. 

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