Graduate Requirements

Graduate students can devise a minor field in Women's Studies with the approval of their major professor and the approval of the Director of the Women's Studies Program. A minor at the MA level shall consist of 9 hours of approved courses. A minor at the PhD level shall consist of 12 hours of approved courses. One approved course from the major field can be counted toward the women's studies minor as long as it is not being counted to fulfill credit hours in the major. All minors must work out their course of study with the Director of the Women's Studies Program. Courses shall be selected from among approved women's studies courses, seminars, colloquia, and directed individual study. 

Interdisciplinary Women's Studies Courses:

  • WST 5905r Directed Independent Study in Women's Studies (1-3) 
  • WST 5934r Interdisciplinary Topics in Women's Studies (3) 
  • WST 5936r Interdisciplinary Topics in Feminist Theory (3) 

Cross-Listed Courses:

  • AMH 5563 Women in 19th Century America (History) (4) 
  • AMH 5564 Women in Modern America (History) (4) 
  • CCJ 5672 Gender, Crime and Justice (Criminology & Criminal Justice) (3)
  • EDA 5227 Role of the Woman Administrator in Education (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies)(3)
  • EDF 5706 Gender and Education in Comparative Perspective (Educational Foundations & Policy Studies)(3)
  • LIT 5388r Studies in Women's Writings (English) (3)
  • PET 5252 Gender Issues in Sport and Physical Activity (Sports Management)(3)
  • SOW 5109 Women’s Issues and Social Work (Social Work) (3) 
  • SOW 5614  Family Violence Across the Life Span   (Social Work) (3) 
  • SOW 5625 Mental Health of Minorities and Women (Social Work) (3)  
  • SPW 5486 Contemporary Spanish Women Writers (Modern Languages) (3) [in Spanish]
  • SPW 5496 Spanish-American Women Writers (Modern Languages) (3) [in Spanish] 
  • SYD 5815 Contemporary Theories of Gender (Sociology) (3) 
  • SYO 5185 Family and Work Linkages (Sociology) (3) 
  • SYO 5376 Sociology of Gender and Work (Sociology) (3) 
  • SYP 6356 Sociology of the Contemporary Women’s Movement (Sociology)(3)
  • THE 5437 Gender, Race and Performance (Theatre) (3) 
  • URP 5541 Gender and Development (Urban and Regional Planning) (3) 

Additional Graduate Offerings:

Contact the Women's Studies office, 644-9514, and check Women's Studies course listings in the Directory of Classes each term for information concerning approved special topics courses, colloquia and seminars. 

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